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active dampness control systems by HomeAire
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RadonAway RP145 Radon Fan

RadonAway RP145 Radon Fan

Model: 23030-1

Product Categories

Active Dampness Control / RRNC Active Dampness Control / RRNC
Building green is a HomeAire priority, so our store offers essential components to help contractors meet green building requirements for RRNC, moisture prevention and radon reduction, including HomeAire-designed and manufactured ADC fans and ADC-Ts as well as installation accessories.


Air Purification Systems Air Purification Systems
Whether you are looking for whole-house or room-size air filtration and purification systems, HomeAire has the right air purifier for you, providing you with healthier indoor air.


Bathroom Ventilation Fans Bathroom Ventilation Fans
HomeAire offers quality ventilation fans to remove bathroom moisture before it can cause damage, effectively controlling odors and helping to maintain healthier air throughout the home.


Duct Boosting Fans and Kits Duct Boosting Fans and Kits
HomeAire offers Spruce inline fans that are perfect for your new addition and/or improving your current air system. Duct boosting will give your old heating and cooling system the lift it needs to get conditioned air into newly expanded living areas.


Home Radon Test Kits and Detectors Home Radon Test Kits and Detectors
HomeAire offers a complete line of home radon test kits and detectors designed to assist you in providing a safe, comfortable, and breathable home air.


Kitchen Ventilation Fans Kitchen Ventilation Fans
HomeAire's Kitchen Ventilation fans by Spruce, the leader in metal in-line fans, control cooking odors, grease and steam by quietly exhausting cooking air to the outdoors, leaving your indoor air fresh and clean.


Radon Fans Radon Fans
HomeAire offers the highest quality radon mitigation fans and accessories from RadonAway, the world's leading radon fan manufacturer.


Room Ventilation and Exhaust Fans Room Ventilation and Exhaust Fans
HomeAire understands that with today's tightly sealed homes, bringing in fresh air and exhausting pollutants are essential for creating a healthy indoor environment. That is why HomeAire offers Spruce inline fans to enhance air quality with excellent performance and minimal sound.


Tools and Accessories Tools and Accessories
HomeAire recognizes the necessity for quality tools and accessories to ensure that you can install our ventilation fans, radon fans, and other indoor air quality products efficiently and effectively.


Whole House IAQ Solutions Whole House IAQ Solutions
HomeAire's Whole House IAQ Solutions include a wide range of distinctly designed products to improve the overall air quality of your living space. Our commitment to whole house solutions include HEPA filtration systems, HRVs/ERVs, Central Vacuum Systems and accessories, and inline fans for proper ventilation.


indoor air quality by HomeAire

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